The Death Of Anne Frank Uncovered

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Anne Frank is probably one of the best-known people in the world today. Her moving story found in The Diary of a Young Girl, tells of everything she went through while she and her family were in hiding during the Nazi’s regime.

The big question that has been asked many times is how and when did Anne Frank die? The answer to this query is somewhat difficult to find as there is not a lot of information go by. However, the Anne Frank Foundation has been able to reveal new findings on this information that lead them to the following results. It is thought that Anne Frank actually passed away in February of 1945 and not March as previously believed.

The Death of Anne Frank

There are various reasons to believe that Anne Frank and her sister Margot both passed away in February of 1945. The biggest reason is that survivors who had seen her and her sister for the last time only mention them until about February 7th or so and that gives ample time after that for when they would have died. The other big piece of evidence is that these sources also gave descriptions of sickness in the girls that match what we know today as typhus. This is a very dangerous and deadly disease. It usually kills its victims within about 12 days after the first signs. By putting these clues together, from the last time that Anne and Margot were seen alive, it is very unlikely that they would have survived until the end of March.

Anne Frank left an amazing legacy behind her. She was born in June of 1929 and was a born diarist and writer. She is also one of the most well-known victims of the Holocaust. Because of the amount of detail that she went into when she wrote her diary, playwrights, screenwriters, and even other authors have been able to take inspiration from her. It also gives the public insight into what really happened during these treacherous times.

Otto Frank was the only survivor out of this horrible experience. He ended up remarrying and moving back to Amsterdam once the Germans had been beaten and the Nazi rule was removed. He made sure that his daughter’s diary was published and was able to see first-hand how much the diary affected those who read it. He also made sure that the Anne Frank Foundation was set up successfully. It is a charitable foundation based in Switzerland.

When many people think of the Holocaust and the treacheries that went on because of Adolf Hitler, they don’t realize the details and the little things that happened during these times for the ones in hiding. Because of Anne Frank’s dedication to writing everything she and her family went through, we have a portal to look through into the past and see what really happened. She was a very brave young lady who risked everything to ensure that what she and her family went through would not be soon forgotten.