French Alps Avalanche Kills 3 Skiers

The French Alps have started to develop a reputation among skiers this past season, however, it’s not a good one. 36 people have reportedly lost their lives skiing in the French Alps this season, and many others who have been hospitalized or seriously wounded. So this recent tragedy only seems to be adding to a ski season from hell.

The three skiers who were killed have been reported as two Austrians and an Italian, but not much else is currently known about their identities. Another skier was badly injured in the accident but was able to receive treatment in time to avoid fatality. He has been taken to a hospital in nearby Grenoble, where he can receive the right level of medical care. He remains in critical condition currently.

The three people who were killed were part of a tour group, and had simply fallen behind a little too far when the avalanche came down. The rest of the tour group was reported to have made it to safety. Although it is still not clear what might have caused the avalanche, it is tragic to find out such a danger even existed for skiers who were simply looking to enjoy themselves.

The accident occurred specifically in the Ecrins Mountain Range of the French Alps, which is normally famous for its powder and difficulty level. Rock climbers have been known to frequent the area as well because of the natural challenges the dramatic landscape delivers. Over 750,000 people visit Ecrins National Park each year, not counting the other mountain ranges.

Another two bodies were also found dead in a completely unrelated incident in the Devoluy Mountain Range. Details are still being investigated. At an elevation of over 3,000 meters above sea level, the French Alps are some of the highest ski slopes in the world. Let beginners be warned, they are also among the most dangerous.