Motorcyclist Allan Karl On A World Food Tour

Best selling author, photographer, renowned global motorcyclist Allan Karl didn’t let the daily grind get in his way of traveling the world on his motorcycle. Allan was tapped by QE productions and world rider on Twitter to talk about his already best selling book, “Forks – A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection,” his travels, and his potential new, yet-to-be-named, travel series, coming out soon.

After a divorce of a 7 year marriage, and living with the daily grind of working for a company that he had co-founded, the motorcycle rider decided to follow his real dream of dinner eats and dusty exhausts, and set out on a 62,000 mile trip on his motorcycle across 5 continents. Part-travel journal, part-cookbook, his first book, now a bestseller, entitled “Forks” takes readers on a journey with a stunning collection of photographs, travel anecdotes, and over 40 recipes from the road. The crafty traveling motorcyclist funded “Forks” with a very successful kickstarter campaign.

Motorcyclist Allan Karl On A World Food Tour - Clapway

Recently, motorcyclist Allan Karl has been working on a new travel series that will include multiple one-hour episodes with Karl setting out in each installment to discover the world “one country at a time.” The motorcycle rider will be traveling for more the 30 days in each country, and sit down with locals like the fourth generation farmer, grandma in her kitchen, local celebrities, and heads of states.

The show will be focused on food like his book, but also trying to answer the question “How do people find happiness” in each and every one of their daily lives. The pilot will be filmed in May and June of 2015, and will be set in the Republic of China where the motorcycle rider will travel from one end to the other of the country, on his dual sport BMW motorcycle. The show hopes to sustain the daily lives of locals as the motorcycle rider travels across the world. They will use the latest high-tech gear to record without disturbing anyone along the way. To find out more about motorcyclist Allan Karl, go to his Twitter or his homepage!

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