Meet Phoenix Jones: A Real Life Superhero

Real life superhero, Phoenix Jones, is turning heads around the city of Seattle, fighting professionally in the ring and fighting crime at night. The real life superhero turned professional fighter is set to enter the ring today, Friday, in the World Series of Fighting so that he may further his crime fighting initiative. But is it a publicity stunt?

Just who is Phoenix Jones, the real life superhero?

The real life superhero’s real name is Ben Fodor, but he goes by the name Phoenix Jones on the streets. He is a man on a mission to clean up the streets of Emerald city with a get up that is straight out of the comic books. He dawns a mask, bulletproof vest, an eight pack of ab armor, and a phaZZer gun that shots real rubber bullets. The real life superhero stands in the way of the law to deliver vigilante justice to the criminal underbelly of the city. He’s even inspired Stan Lee to follow him on twitter.

But all superheroes have their wayward beginnings and Phoenix Jones is no different. Legend has it, that it all began when the would-be real life superhero watched someone die in cold blood on the streets. Three years ago, Ben Fodor heard gunshots and rushed in to the scene of the crime of a woman who was being accosted by an assailant. He was told by police to wait and the gunman escaped as he watched the 21 year old woman die.

The real life superhero has been patrolling the streets since 2010. In that time he has seen bloodshed, stabbings, broken bones, and been shot twice, but the real life superhero remains vigilant in his task to follow in fairytale caped crusader’s footsteps and clean up the city. In that time he has stopped car and bus hijackings, broken up street fights, and disarmed a would-be knife-wielding attacker to add to his superhero credo.

The real life superhero’s next step is to walk into the ring to fight MMA. He wants to take his MMA career to the next level and already has a pretty good record of 5-0-1. He has just signed a contract with the World Series of Fighting. His debut is tonight against welterweight Emmanuel Walo (7-2-1) on WSOF (NBCSN 9 p.m. EST). The masked man has completed some serious training to escape this endeavor unscathed; it’s only appropriate if he hopes to continue his vigilante exploits on the mean streets of Seattle.

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