Flying Free Like Scott Keyes

For many of those who live to experience adventure in new places, there is one stubborn obstacle that keeps us grounded, bored, and scratching at the wanderlust itch until it hurts. Money, of course. Few of us live the kind of leisurely, financially untroubled lives that allow for frequent flights to temples in Thailand, dives off Cabo cliffs, or trips to tea houses in Tokyo. However, Scott Keyes, has figured out that if one can jump through enough loopholes, it’s possible to fly free, or nearly so–paying less than a hundred bucks for trans-oceanic flights and airport administrative fees.

After envious friends tried to squeeze his magic flying free methods out of him, Scott wrote his e-book, “How To Fly For Free: Practical Tips The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know,” now on sale on Amazon. Some of the techniques employed by Mr. Keyes are not unlike those of hardcore coupon-clippers; he consistently scans Twitter and sites like in search of erroneously priced or otherwise cheap flights.

Keyes’ main trick is the juggling of credit cards, which are needed for frequent flyer miles, points, and perks such as the free use of airport lounges. Scott uses spreadsheets and Award Wallet to keep track of his myriad cards, rewards, points, and miles. He claims that, since starting out, his credit score has actually increased thanks to his timeliness in bill payments.

Credit card rewards, social media, and cheap flight sites seem to be the main facets of Mr. Keyes’ flying free system. However, he also takes advantage of airline customer service, reporting to the airlines any problems with his flight in exchange for, hopefully, free miles. But there’s more to it than doing your research, being well-organized, and telling air travel companies about flight problems. You can’t be too picky when it comes to your destination. It comes down to what’s available during the given period, so an open mind is extremely conducive to the process. Yet, for most of us who love travel, adventure, and novelty, open-mindedness is an ample resource. So, get out there!

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