The First Physical Storage Device For Travelers

A recent campaign was released last week for the first physical storage device designed with the traveler in mind. Nicknamed, The Flex-Card, the nifty device brings together all your gadgets, including your mobile phone, tablet, and computer (iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac, etc).

flex card3

What does the Flex Card physical storage device offer?

The Flex-Card, the fourth product created by the Power Company, can share and store documents, pictures, videos, and other types of files between Android, iOS, tablets, and laptop/computers, without needing connection to the Internet or Cloud. It achieves this by utilizing its own app (free to download) that allows users to copy and move files as well as backup all their contacts from their Smart Phones.

“With all the problems people have experienced with the Cloud and browser based storage, the Flex-Card should make technology users feel more secure by not utilizing an Internet connection,” states Gene Aikens, the president of The Power Company.

flex card2 flex card1
So how does the Flex-Card fit into your life? Imagine the scenario that you’re getting ready to go on your next trip. If you have the Flex-Card, you can store photocopies of your passport, rail pass, car-rental voucher, travel itinerary and any and all other documents you could possibly need. The Flex-Card can be encrypted with a password for added protection, and since it’s so small, you can fit it in your wallet or pocket comfortably.

But lets be honest…we all know what we will really use it for: storing all of our movies and music for those long (and maybe short!) travels. The Flex-Card comes in sizes ranging from 8GB all the way up to 256GB, giving you the flexibility to store all your photos, videos, and documentation you need. By streaming directly from your Flex-Card, you won’t need a computer to back up all the photos; the Flex-Card allows you to copy and paste the photos from your phone or tablet right onto the device.

flex card4

The Flex-Card contains two flexible cables as well as connectors that can attach depending on the device the user is using. This allows it to connect to any device with a case. The two main cables are a 3.0 USB connector and a micro connector, while the attachments are a Lightning 8-pin connector (iPhone 5 and newer), 30-pin (iPhone/iPad older generations), and the newly released USB-C.

The Flex-Card has hit its first goal of $3,000 and is reaching for its next goal of $50,000. You can pre-order the Flex-Card by going to the Campaign and supporting the project.