World’s Most Stylish Portable Smartphone Charger

In today’s modern technologically advanced world, it’s rare to not be connected either via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or some sort of Internet network. We’ve all experienced the panic of losing this connectivity due to the less-than-stellar battery lives of our smartphones. Fortunately, to the satisfaction of the every day millennial, there is a fashionable solution to the problem. Uiee, the world’s smallest 2-1 smartphone charger, will ensure your phone never gives up on you mid-text.

The World’s Most Portable Smartphone Charger?

The Uiee charger is both a wall charger and a backup charger, featuring flip out prongs for when you’re near an outlet and a built-in battery for when you’re on the go. The retractable cable and miniature size of the Uiee, similar in style to a French macaron, make it the first and only pocket-sized charger of its kind.

World's Most Stylish Portable Smartphone Charger - Clapway

As such, the Uiee is ideal for travel; the 2-1 functionality makes it easy to locate a reliable power source virtually anywhere you go. The charger provides over 44% extra battery power to the iPhone 6, over 31% to the Samsung Galaxy s6 and over 55% to the iPhone 5. It is also compatible with almost all other Apple and micro-usb devices.

The Uiee was specifically designed with portability and the ease-of-use in mind. The minimalistic, clean design is aesthetically pleasing, but also highly practicable. The retractable cable, for example, eliminates the need for users to carry around extra components or wires that are easy to misplace or cumbersome to keep organized. Gone are the days of hopelessly tangled wires and cables.

World's Most Stylish Portable Smartphone Charger - Clapway

Although smartphones are increasingly becoming larger, faster and more energy consuming, users don’t have to carry around bulky chargers with them every where they go. Thanks to Uiee, you won’t ever have to be left without your phone. The ingenious little charger, now in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign, has already amassed €2,097 in support. Now, with just 10 days left in the campaign, the Uiee is quickly finding its way into everyone’s back pocket, as evidenced by the amount of people already backing the project.

The Uiee will provide lasting battery for all your traveling needs. Whether you’re traveling to a different state, or across the borders to Lisbon.