Singing Astronaut Releasing A Space Album

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If you are looking for a unique kind of music to listen to, then stand by for Canadian Chris Hadfield, the singing astronaut. Hadfield is set to release an album of the first music that has ever been recorded out in space. This brand new adventure into music was partially done while Hadfield was on a mission on the International Space Station for five months, ending in May 2013.

Singing Astronaut Album Done During An Earth Orbit

Hadfield, 55-years old, retired from being a Canadian astronaut in July 2013. The space album is set to include both guitar music and some singing tracks. The singing astronaut recorded the music while on the ISS in orbit around the Earth while on his space adventure. The music was then smoothed out and worked into the finished album in a recording studio back on Earth. Hadfield is also who helped David Bowie with the cover of his Space Oddity, which has already gone viral online. The space album of selected tracks by Hadfield the singing astronaut was confirmed this week by Warner Music Canada, who are the ones releasing it.

Space Provided Serenity and Grace for Recording

Hadfield says that part of the reason he created his album in space was because while on his travel around the Earth, he felt a sense of serenity and grace. He says that being weightless gave him a brand new way to perform his music and that he is happy to share it and through them tell the stories of his space adventure.

Besides becoming famous as the singing astronaut, Hadfield is also well known for being the very first astronaut from Canada to do a spacewalk. He also participated in video blogging while on the International Space Station, and has since been a guest speaker on several TV programs and other discussion panel events.

Hadfield is a best-selling author, having written his memoirs in the form of the book, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.” Interested fans can join him on his Facebook page, where he announced that he was very excited about the upcoming space album of songs, which is expected to be out for public sale sometime this fall, according to Robbie Lackritz, the producer for Hadfield’s space album.

If you are partial to loving everything to do with space, music, or Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, then this fall you can purchase his new album. It will definitely be unique, being that it came from a singing astronaut while on an adventure in space aboard the International Space Station far above the Earth.