Octogenarian Is The Oldest 100-Day Aspen Skier

If you’ve recently noticed a determined looking older man skiing along the slopes at Aspen skiing resorts, it was most likely, octogenarian Bob Bruce, the newest, as well as the oldest 100-day Aspen Skier pin winner. The 80-year-old has earned a special pin from the Aspen Skiing Company for his accomplishment.

Besides being the oldest, and most well-know skier at all the Aspen skiing resorts, Bob Bruce, a retired executive from General Electric, is remembered for several other athletic achievements. He was also the oldest biker in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race four times in a row, and has earned the prestigious 100-day skiing pin for the last six years.

Oldest 100-day Aspen Skier Says “Never Slow Down”

Bruce lives his life to the fullest, with the motto “never slow down and you won’t grow old.” He lives in West Buttermilk near Aspen with his wife, Nancy, and states that he didn’t let bursitis, stop him from pursing his goals. In fact, after the start of the skiing season, his plan was to hit the ski slopes every day he could.

Bruce’s mission was accomplished by March 16, which marked the 100th day he needed for the 100-day Aspen Skiing pin award. The 80-year old says that staying physically fit is the key to staying mentally sharp. He refuses to take any breaks in his physical activities, and recently went on the road to train for a bike tour in Wyoming, scheduled for later this year. He routinely takes 44-mile bike trips in Colorado along the Rio Grande Trail down to Glenwood Springs, but once he gets into better shape, he will bike to Maroon Creek Road or Castle Creek Road for a more ambitious adventure trek.

The oldest 100-day Aspen Skier states that he usually does 20,000 vertical skiing every time he goes on an outing. Plus, he never skips a day on the slopes and is determined to keep earning the pin as long as he can. All of his earned pins are worn on a special cap, which Bruce jokingly says is getting mighty full. At this rate, he is likely to have to buy a new one to hold all his awards.

Bob Bruce, the dedicated and oldest 100-day Aspen skier finds his solace out on the mountains. Here is a glimpse of into the sport: