The iPhone 6 Case That Doubles As A Breathalyzer?

The iPhone 6 Case That Doubles As A Breathalyzer? - Clapway
In today’s modern age, technology has increasingly become more advanced, making our day-to-day lives a whole lot easier. Smartphones, for example, essentially function as mini computers, capable of performing tasks that were once thought to be impossible. Given our heavy reliance on these tiny, but powerful devices, it only seems natural that the latest accessory for our phones should be just as useful. Introducing the Moscase, a new “well-being accessory,” that takes on the form of an iPhone 6 case. Designed for the everyday user, this neat gadget is capable of measuring various body functions in ways not yet seen before.


Moscase is firstly a health-tracking accessory, and secondarily, a well-designed iPhone 6 case (also for iPhone 6 plus users). The gadget is the perfect portable well-being device, ideal for travelers, parents, and anyone else concerned about health. Every Moscase comes with a free passive backplate as an optional add-on that offers a bit of extra protection. However, the active backplates, which are attached to your smartphone, offer extended functionality for Moscase users.

Each active backplate seamlessly becomes one with your phone, and has its own distinctive purpose. They work by sending a tiny and safe electromagnetic current through your body, which is capable of measuring the following items:

The iPhone 6 Case That Doubles As A Breathalyzer? - Clapway
As such, the Moscase is reimagined to function as a Breathalyzer, to determine the alcohol content in your body, a Collector, to extend your battery life with solar power, and a Booster, to give your phone some extra storage space for all your files. These, however, are just a few of the unlimited possibilities available to users.

The iPhone 6 Case That Doubles As A Breathalyzer? - Clapway

Furthermore, proud Moscase owners will also be able to take full advantage of its app, which provides users with regular health updates and personalized tips on how to stay healthy. It can import your existing data from Apple’s Health App and from a number of other popular applications to ultimately make it easy for anyone and everyone to track their health.

After all, why would you use an additional wearable accessory when you can have it all with the Moscase? Make your smart phone the most powerful tracking device on the market by supporting the Moscase Kickstarter campaign, found here. You’ll never resort to an ordinary iPhone 6 case ever again.