I Will Never Get Better At Packing

It’s the night before a crack of dawn flight for a month long trip to the UK. First things first, I clean: laundry, bathroom, kitchen, desk decluttering. Coming back from any trip to a clean home and fresh bed sheets is something that makes me happy in a way I can’t describe with words and I wish I could say this was coming from a place of sense and adulthood, but I can’t. While I do always clean before I travel, it’s because I’m procrastinating from packing.

The Packing Process:

As excited as I am for the adventure, I hate packing with all of my being. And I am notorious for over packing (even day trips require extra consideration for proper layers and snacks and water – what if it’s hotter or colder or windier or rainier than I expected?!).

My laundry is in the dryer. I’ve showered. Painted my nails. Gone on Facebook about a million and a half times. And let’s not forget the tall glass of wine that keeps me going.

When I can’t put it off any longer, I start with gathering my non-clothing items like books, chargers, wallet/passport, camera etc. My bag for this particular trip is a Jansport school bag and it’s kind of on the small side (I planned to wear the same clothes a LOT).

Then, in a nice, neat way, I lay out all of the clothes I think I will need which of course ends up being about twice as much as I actually need.

I pack everything to make sure it all fits. It probably doesn’t and I have to spend 10 minutes deciding what I don’t need. Then go send a few emails. Then unpack everything because I forgot what color shirts I packed and want to make sure everything matches. Time to re-pack. Put bag on to feel the weight and realize it’s super heavy. Unpack and re-analyze everything including what I already deemed unworthy of this trip. Re-pack, again. phew!

Overall, I went as minimal as possible: one pair of jeans and one pair of black leggings. One tank, one tee, one long sleeve, one flannel and one sweater. The other essentials you can guess. I did a lot of hand washing my “personals” while in hostels. For someone who usually throws in half her wardrobe for a weekend trip because I might, maybe, think I’ll need something, this was a major feat!

It was freeing and comforting. I didn’t lose anything (except my camera lense cap!) and gained a few things along the way (of course). I also managed to expand my bulk along the way with groceries to prepare my own meals and ended up having a pretty hard time getting through security at the airport with just a carry on. But it was worth it.

Arriving back home I drop my bag on the floor, shower and leave the unpacking for later…

I Will Never Get Better At Packing - Clapway

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