The Mountains In Yosemite Are Calling

The more I travel the vast state of California, the more I fall in love. With every new season, a new adventure awaits. Yosemite National Park lies in the gorgeous high sierra mountains, just five hours above Los Angeles. Entering the Yosemite Valley via State route 41 tunnel feels like you’re a rocket being shot out into the wilderness. There are instant views of waterfalls, El Capitan and the epic Half Dome that sits stoically in the center of it all. There is an instant visual connection to nature in this beautiful landscape. Feelings of escape and happiness multiplied as I went deeper into the valley. It’s hard to imagine that Yosemite was once this untapped sacred valley waiting to be discovered and appreciated.


Exploring Yosemite National Park

Over the weekend, I wanted nothing more than to experience the lively energy of the national park. That evening, I took my headlamp and explored the grounds. In the middle of the meadow floor stood the granite valley walls against the steel black sky kissed with stars all over. It looked like a set out of a Hollywood back lot, only this time it was all raw and real. I also felt infinitely small next to the massive rocks that rose like tall massive cathedral towers. If I stared at the walls hard enough, I could see little lit lamps moving on the wall and on top signifying the presence of night hikers and climbers.

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The following morning day, I hiked an epic trail up to Upper Yosemite Falls and took a nap on a rock before descending. Sun bathing on a rock after such a climbing feat seemed fitting. Although I accomplish small trips over the weekend, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Half Dome, a real beauty. I had flash backs of my 2012 climb to the top and with that came an instant jolt of fear, ignited by the ascent of the final almost vertical climb to the top.

Naturalist, John Muir inspired all of us to travel and connect with earth’s beauty and in tribute to him, the weekend was nothing much love and respect for our world around us. In celebrating Earth Week and Muir’s legacy we must remember to protect, nurture and embrace our national parks for generations to come.

“The mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir


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