4 Must Do Fiji Adventures For Your Body And Soul

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Fiji is a place of majestic beauty, breathtaking vistas with adventure around every corner. There are mountains, rivers, waterfalls, cleverly crafted hiking trails and more beautiful blue ocean lapping up on soft sandy beaches than you could ever hope for.

Truly a destination for the mind and body, Fiji offers up some of the most serene atmospheres for you to relax and unplug with an adventure or two waiting if the beach gets to comfortable. Flip-flopping around this 100 million year old island is a must do this summer, so cash in your vacation days and take a Fiji adventure.

Fiji, a forgotten island paradise has been home to some of the most must do adventures in the world. A place wanderlust travelers daydream of while sitting in front of their work computer mid-week. Comprised of over 300 islands, archipelago Fiji covers approximately 7,000 square miles just east of Australia.

The best time of year for your Fiji adventure is right now and I am not just saying that, since the shoulder months for traveling to Fiji is actually May through October. This is Fiji’s winter, if you can even call it that with temperatures reaching 22 degrees Celsius on an average day. This time of year has very low rainfall and you can rest easy knowing there will be little to no chance of a hot tempered cyclone.

Traveling to Fiji may sound daunting at first, but it is actually relatively easy to arrive and depart from the main island city of Suva, an international hub for most flights crossing the Pacific.

4 Must Do Fiji Adventures

1. Get Culturally Aware at the Fiji Museum

Like most true adventurers, getting in touch with the cultures and traditions you are about to experience is a must. It is essential to put yourself into the new world you are experiencing for the first time and really take it all in. Sure, maybe you like to do a bit of cultural research at home, but awakening your inner wanderlust in the actual place you are visiting is optimal. The Fiji Museum has various exhibits outlining Fiji’s political past, traditional culture, archaeological importance and the descendants who shaped the island’s awesome vibe. Enjoy art, culture and put some thought into what makes Fiji what it is today, something to chat with the locals about as well.

2. Bouma National Heritage Park

The Bouma National Heritage Park offers some of Fiji’s best jungle treks with a few stops along the route to enjoy stunning 78-foot waterfalls only found in Polynesia. There are 3 Tavoro waterfalls in the park, all easily accessible on foot and don’t forget to bring your swimming attire. This is a must for the Fiji adventure bum, taking in the amazing, natural paradise that is Fiji. Located on Taveuni Island, a quick puddle jumper trip from Suva, worth the trip in more ways than one. Bouma National Heritage Park is huge, covering 57 square miles of the island’s rich rainforest, also home to some of Fiji’s exotic tropical animals.

3. Island Hopping, Snorkeling and Whales

There are plenty of activities to do out of the jungle as well on your Fiji adventures. With your waterfall fix happily subdued, it’s time to get out and enjoy the calm waters of Oceania. There are plenty of snorkel tours to choose from and why not throw in a little whale watching to satisfy the soul. Viator will help you book this adventure, offering an all in one package of island hopping excitement. Take a dip in the fear blue water and climb back aboard for some BBQ before snorkeling around Snorkel Island, yeah it is really called Snorkel Island, so it must be awesome.

4. Step Back and Unplug in Navua River Village

The Navua River Village will allow you to come full circle and recenter your cultural chi. This is not your ordinary river cruise, putting you in the heart of Fijian tradition. You will visit several small villages and enjoy the peaceful calm that the island is well-known for. If you find yourself needing a more soulful experience, the Nauva River tour will allow you to take part in a tradition Fijian/Polynesian ceremony known as the, “Kava Ceremony.” Kava has been used, well, since the beginning. Kava is a root that acts as a calming agent, as if you needed to relax even more, and is a must do when fully emerging yourself on your mind and body journey through Polynesia.