9 Of The Best Hobby Holidays To Inspire You

The all-inclusive, resort style holidays are so yesterday. These days, we want to come back from our holidays not only refreshed but having something to show for it too. Be it a bunch of like-minded new friends or personal progression and achievements, hobby holidays are becoming increasingly popular for a reason. From yoga to surfing to cooking, learning a totally new skill or giving your personal hobby the time it deserves is a much more rewarding way to spend your time off than working on that tan that will have well and truly faded on the flight home. Still stuck for ideas? Here are 9 trendy options to consider for your next break away…

Photography Holidays

What I love about photography holidays is not only do they go to the coolest destinations ever – Safari anyone? But that you have someone there to guide you in taking some of your best travel shots yet. Also a great chance to actually learn how to use that SLR you bought with good intentions that you still use in automatic mode.

Yoga Retreats

There is absolutely no shortage of yoga retreats available from beach to jungle destinations. Often offering extensions of yoga such as aerial yoga, dance or other aerial apparatus it is a fantastic and rejuvenating way to spend you holidays. How often do you get to come back from your holidays fitter than you left?

Fitness Retreats

Following on from yoga retreats there are also an array fitness vacations from boot-camps to CrossFit. Personally, exercise this intense on a holiday is a little bit much for me. But I know a whole lotta CrossFitter’s who would absolutely adore the opportunity to take their WODS global.

Cooking Holidays

Ever wanted to learn how to bake croissants in France? Pasta in Italy? Sausages in Germany? Learning to cook specialty foods within the country that specializes in them is such a delicious way to spend you hard earned holidays. Best yet – you bring those cooking skills back to your kitchen and can spend a lifetime eating French style pastries. Now’s that’s my kind of holiday!

Surf Holidays

Surf holidays are most certainly not for surfers! More often than not, these week long holidays give total beginners the opportunity to ride some waves in a gorgeous foreign beach location. And let’s be honest, nothing sounds cooler than saying you were off surfing all week.

Horseback Riding holidays

Think Argentina. Think breathtaking countryside. Think ranch style accommodation out in the wilderness with nothing but you and your horse… Think you could manage a riding getaway? No better way to explore the absolutely stunning Argentinian countryside than on the back of a horse. In fact add Chile, Mongolia, Spain, South Africa and Morocco to the list too!

Cycling Holidays

When I think of cycling holidays my mind wanders straight over to Europe. The idea of cycling through the French countryside, the Austrian Alps or the Croatian coastline almost has me drooling. These type of holidays are not meant so much for cycling enthusiasts, but your average person who wishes to get from A to B in a slightly less typical manner. They will take your luggage for you to each destination allowing to cycle at your own pace through the day, stopping where you wish… be it a restaurant or that gorgeous little winery.

Scuba Holidays

If being on land isn’t you thing, there are range of scuba diving holidays available from all inclusive resort style for the glamorous at heart, liveaboards for those who want to immerse themselves in the ocean or daily dive trips whilst staying on land in, particularly common in Asia. Central America, Egypt, Thailand and Australia are all hot destinations to get your scuba on.

Volunteer Vacations

For those who would rather give back to a local community, there are many volunteering packages that involve you staying with a host family and donating a few hours of your time each day to a local cause. This can be from construction to childcare. What I would suggest is finding a country that you wish to volunteer in and setting it up when you arrive. I’ve seen volunteering companies charge extortionate amounts for setting up a volunteering gig. There is never a shortage of volunteering opportunities once you arrive in a less fortunate country, so consider taking a chance and finding something to your liking once you arrive! Removing the middleman saves you money and doesn’t make your contribution any less worthy to those receiving it.

If you aren’t sure where to start in finding a hobby holiday I suggest choosing a hobby or a destination and running it through Google. Alternatively look at local yoga schools or photography schools in your area for example and see if they are running any retreats. Retreats are very en vogue at the moment so you will be surprised just how many retreats are available to you.