5 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam Aside From The Obvious

Amsterdam is infamous for half-naked women in shop windows, drug culture and its weekend breaks, which thousands of men participate in, often with the phrase “What happens in the ‘Dam, stays in the ‘Dam” being repeated. Here, I’ll explain the top 5 things you can do in Amsterdam if lying face-down in your own vomit and requiring an STD test isn’t your scene.

5 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam - Clapway

1. Get a taste of history at Anne Frank’s house!
Situated at the Prinsengracht in Central Amsterdam is the powerful and moving Anne Frank’s house, known for perhaps the most famous diary in existence written during the Second World War by German born Jewish girl Anne Frank. The museum was opened in 1960 and attracts over 1 million visitors each year!

Ideal for the ultimate traveller hoping to experience all types of culture as this apartment-block turned museum is a real hub for war and history buffs.

2. Get a taste of sleeping on the water!
As a city famous for its canals, it also has a lot of water hotels, also known as ‘Botels’. If you want to try something different from hostels or B&Bs or if you just fancy a night of peace and quiet away from the lively jumping nightlife of Amsterdam and experience something different – try a botel!

You can also rent a small canal boat to stay on and this is ideal for those wanting an experience that you cannot find elsewhere in the world – hopping out of bed, jumping onto land and being in the centre of the city immediately!

3. A shopper’s heaven!
Amsterdam is a dream for those who like to shop while travelling! Multistory shopping complexes, upmarket clothing stores and caf├ęs line Dam Square and you’re never more than a few steps away from a mall. Not only is it packed with upmarket stores but also the usual European retail stores to suit everyone!

On top of this, Dam Square is perhaps one of the most beautiful city centres in Europe so if shopping tires you out – change your ethos and indulge in some culture and rich Dutch architecture.

5 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam - Clapway

4. Celebrate King’s Day!
Formerly known as Queen’s Day, King’s Day is a national holiday celebrated on the 27th April in honour of King Willem-Alexander, where the streets of Amsterdam and beyond turn orange, parades flutter through streets and the people of the Netherlands party until the early hours of the next morning!

Koningsdag, as it’s known in Dutch, has been celebrated for over 130 years and is an ideal opportunity for adventure seekers and travellers to explore the city, interact with the locals and have a great time!

5 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam - Clapway

5. Embrace the green and economic culture!
The Dutch people are among the fittest and healthiest in the world – because of their green attitude toward life. By Amsterdam’s train station, it’s evident cycling is a big part of Dutch culture and in a city that is compact and incredibly flat, it’s ideal for getting around.

Lined with cycle-lanes on pretty much all roads, you can pretty much get to anywhere you want to within 15 minutes of cycling and not only that but canal boats will be happy to take you from A to B.