Embark On A Summer Adventure To Space

20. Summer 3 Earth Over heat

Summer is quickly approaching! For kids all over the world, this marks a period of welcomed rejoice – after all, the school will finally be out of session. However, this isn’t so much the case for parents, especially since this 2-month vacation can cause their child to forget all the material he or she learned throughout the school year. Luckily for concerned parents everywhere, there’s the Space Scouts Summer Adventure, created by Carol Stump and Kristen Olsen.


The Space Scouts Summer Adventure is a fun and interactive way for your children to learn about space, technology, and science. To participate in the program, parents can purchase a 12-week subscription, which will deliver a package filled with educational tools straight to your doorstep every week.

The educational adventure, designed especially for kids aged 6-9, is a surefire way to ensure that your child will actively learn throughout the summer – even after school is out. The summer special, which costs $120.00 or $10.00 per package (plus shipping), is guided by Roxy and Jett, who will take your child on a “scouting expedition through the solar system” to discover a new place in space every week.

Each package is unique; every week, your child will receive an exploration plan, a magnet, a sticker, activity sheets with puzzles and games, a sticker scramble, a souvenir toy, a constellation card and a constellation activity sheet.

Recently, we reviewed the first two packages of the Summer Adventure and found them to be very informative, yet fun. There are a variety of items included in the kit, which will help keep young children entertained for longer periods of time. The package also cultivates creativity and encourages kids to utilize their different skill sets. Some puzzles, for example, require problem-solving skills, while others require logic. However, the highlight of the Summer Adventure has to be its focus on space, which is an interesting subject, regardless of age. As such, it is a great way for parents to actively engage with their children.

To purchase a 12-week subscription to the Space Scouts Summer Adventure, head over to the Space Scouts website, and place your order by May 31st. Your child will then receive the first package starting the first week of June. This year, start your summer off right and make it a memorable (and educational) one for your very own space cadet.

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