U.S.: Ford Pushes for Electric Cars by Selling its Patents

The Ford Motor Company is following Tesla’s lead and is trying to see the development of electric cars finally hit the streets. Ford wants the electric car to populate the market so it decided to open up its patents on these special cars. Ford wants the electric car to grow and by opening up its patents on the car, Ford hopes to get more technology out on the driving road. Ford pushes for electric cars by giving the competition their game plan.

Ford Offering Electric Car Patents for Sale

Although Ford is following in Tesla’s footsteps, it’s not doing it for free. Ford pushes for electric cars, but for a price. In order to get electric car patents, you have to pay Ford to license it. Ford has a total of almost two thousand patents pending, which includes many on electric technology. More engineers are being hired to help design the electric car in the hopes that it becomes the car of the future. For a Ford patent, people interested can go through AutoHarvest with varying prices ranging into the hundreds of thousands, depending on the patent.


Ford Pushes for Electric Cars by Offering Patents on Research Already Done

Kevin Layden, the director of Ford’s Electrification Program wants innovation to be Ford’s goal, which is why Ford pushes for electric cars. The selling of the patents is a good way to provide the best technology and to see progress. Sharing the research on the electric car is a way to speed up the development process. About twenty percent of the applications that were filed last year related to the electric car. Some of the patents included battery charge balancing, regenerative braking, and managing the consumption of energy.

Looking to Improve the Reputation of Electric Vehicles

The Ford firm based in Michigan was the first to announce the selling of patents on Thursday. There are over six hundred Ford owned patents that competitors are able to choose from. Although Ford pushes for electric cars to be the car of the future, it is still facing some speed bumps.

The cost of the investment when it comes to electric cars in high and consumers are afraid that the car will run out of power while on the road and the lack of charging stations is undeniable. Ford is still working toward their ultimate goal and the selling of its patents is a big step in the right direction.