Bring The Health Benefits Of Sunlight To The Indoors

Spending most of your time indoors can significantly affect your overall health and day-to-day mood. Unfortunately, this is the fate many people are forced to face, as the majority of office professionals spend their works hours by the desk. To reverse these side effects, the Sun LifeLight, a revolutionary personal “sunlight delivery system,” is bringing the Sun to us. The team behind the project has revolutionized light therapy to deliver the health benefits of sunlight straight to the workplace, classroom or home.


Because many people do not receive enough exposure to sunlight, it is virtually impossible for them to operate at their peak. Sunlight deprivation, for example, has been scientifically link to higher rates of depression, obesity and even type 2 diabetes. As such, we begin to see higher rates of absenteeism and malaise in the workplace, along with lower overall productivity from employees.

Bring The Health Benefits Of Sunlight To The Indoors - Clapway
Mostly likely, you’ve also experienced the side effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – a type of depression that usually occurs during the fall or winter due to the change in seasons. Fortunately, the same natural and energy amplifying effects of sunlight can be replicated with the Sun Lifelight.

The team behind the project was fueled by an innate love for the outdoors. After months of research with a team of medical professionals and technologists, the Sun Lifelight was born, bringing sunlight to everyone, no matter where you are physically located. The innovative light is designed to be used as an ordinary desk lamp, which can be configured via a glass touchscreen panel built into the base. The SunSeeker mobile application will also allow users to actively control and monitor their “sun exposure.” It uses a sophisticated algorithm to recommend the appropriate amount of sunlight a person needs each and every day, based on personal preferences, the weather, sleep quality, and personal schedules, among other factors.

Bring The Health Benefits Of Sunlight To The Indoors - Clapway


The science behind the Sun Lifelight focuses on activating our bodies’ non-visual sensors, or ipRBCs, with sky blue light. Doing so results in a complex sequence of energizing events through the brain. The following report, courtesy of the Thomas Jefferson University Department of Neurology, explains the exact mechanisms behind how humans benefit from enough exposure to the sun. The Sun LifeLight will bring these benefits to everyone, revolutionizing the office environment by stimulating and reenergizing our brains.

Check out our video review of the Sun Lifelight below, and bring the health benefits of sunlight straight to your office: