With A “Closet In The Cloud” From DUFL, Business Travelers Lose Baggage Hassles

Frequent business travelers often spend weekends picking clothes up from the cleaners and packing a suitcase for the week ahead. They lug suitcases through security checkpoints, compete with fellow travelers for an overhead bin or pay to check bags and wait for their suitcases at the end of the flight. DUFL, a new premium travel service, is changing that.

Stress-Free Travel For Business Travelers With DUFL

A personal valet service operating on a sophisticated technology layer that powers a modern logistics engine, DUFL simplifies business travel by packing, shipping, cleaning and storing travelers’ business wardrobes so professionals can roam untethered on the road – and get their weekends back at home. DUFL serves as the business travelers’ “closet in the cloud” with an app travelers use to virtually pack their business road trip items.

It’s easy to get started with DUFL – travelers just download a free app to create a user account. The company then sends a large DUFL suitcase that customers fill with their business trip wardrobe, including toiletries. DUFL then picks up the bag, taking an inventory of the contents, photographing each item and professionally cleaning the clothes. Items are then stored in a secure warehouse so they’re ready for the next trip.

When travelers are getting ready for a business trip, they use the DUFL app to virtually pack their bag, selecting the clothing and toiletry items they need so that DUFL can pack and ship the bag to the destination hotel. When they’re ready to go home, travelers use the app to schedule pick up and leave the bag at the hotel’s front desk. DUFL also makes it simple for travelers to add new items to their DUFL closet, bring items back home or swap out clothing.

Bill Rinehart, the successful technology entrepreneur behind DUFL, got the idea for his latest venture during his own frequent business travels. Rinehart was spending too many Sunday evenings making sure his road trip clothes were cleaned, pressed and packed and too much time in airports lugging bags around. He also noticed how profoundly technology had changed business logistics – except for travelers, who were still lugging bags around like it was 1960.

“The one thing business travelers never have enough of is time,” Rinehart says. “DUFL gives users more downtime on the weekend by handling cleaning, packing and bag transportation for the trip, and it gives them more time during their stay to connect with clients, catch up on what’s happening back home and take care of business.”

By fusing technology and personal service, DUFL is changing the rules of travel, using a more modern approach to give business travelers greater freedom. Find out more at www.dufl.com and check out DUFL in action here.