The Top 5 Items to Bring When Traveling

When we travel, we want to have those items we use the most. However, we need to be mindful of the size of products and the real need for these products. I find I prefer to have those items that are the most useful but also provide a feeling of comfort and home. Here are some suggestions for the top items to bring when traveling — from how to preserve your products for the physical aspect of travel to what items you should have, that provide the information you really need to have:

The Art of the Bottle

First, use silicone travel containers/bottles. They make it unbelievably easier for the liquid to slide to the opening easier, so there will not be any waste at the bottom. Second, use saran wrap for protection. Place the saran wrap on the top of the bottle, then twist on the cover. This will help prevent spillage over all of your other items. The art of the bottle is probably the most important item, and craft, when traveling.

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Knowledge is Power

Yes, one of the most tried and true travel tips is to travel light. You know, mix and match clothes so you don’t bring too much, only bring two pairs of shoes, use travel-size everything, etc. However, you need to be prepared if you lose important information. What can you do? Make photocopies of your passport. This is one of the most important top items to bring when traveling. Leave one with someone at home. Bring one yourself and leave it in your hotel safe. In fact, I have found I never really need to carry my passport around with me in any destination because I do have my license for identification. Oh, and photocopy that too and leave it in your hotel safe. As well, make photocopies of your itinerary, airline tickets, hotel confirmation, and any vouchers you might have for tours and excursions. Again, I keep them in my room safe, and I use my smartphone to bring up any information I might need. But just in case I don’t have phone service, I have that photocopy.

Bag It

The ultimate top item to bring when traveling is the plastic bag. It can be a freezer plastic bag, a shopping plastic bag, or a garbage bag. The key here is keeping order and prevention for ruining your other top items when traveling. The smaller plastic bags are great for placing travel bottles which have the possibility for leaking. Garbage bags can provide a way for you to separate dirty clothing from clean clothing. Food shopping plastic bags can simply help you separate items when packing. Other extra bags you bring can help you keep those souvenirs in one place as well as protect them.

Spring Cleaning

Another important item to bring when traveling is wipes. Disinfecting wipes are useful for cleaning the inside of drawers, tables, etc. in your hotel room. They are also useful for cleaning up the tray table and area around your seat on the airplane. Make-up removal wipes are obviously useful for removing your make-up, but they are a lifesaver to use on your special manicure for your trip. After you apply your sunscreen, use the make-up wipe to wipe your nails so that the nail polish doesn’t turn yellow.

The Top 5 Items to Bring When Traveling --

Time for Tech

While we probably don’t need to bring all of our technological gadgets, we do have those that are indispensable. With all that we bring, there are items that we must have to keep it all going. Which items are the best to bring when traveling? My picks–a travel power strip, a power adaptor, and a travel router. A travel power strip is a must. As most of you probably already know, many hotels don’t necessarily have enough power outlets. So be prepared. There are new travel-ready power strips on the market that are incredibly useful.

The Top 5 Items to Bring When Traveling -


Go to Amazon and search for travel power strips. They have a nice selection. As for travel power adaptors, Maphappy, points to the Satechi Travel Router. Next they suggest the Targus World Power Travel Adapter and the Universal Travel Adapter Model 931L. Last is the travel router. According to PCWorld, “Use a travel router to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or a facility’s broadband connection, and it will create a private, secure, wireless network with a robust firewall.” Their top recommendations are the D-Link’s DIR-510L and Netgear’s Trek PR2000.

Do you have suggestions for the top items to bring when traveling? Leave a comment and let us all know what has worked for you.

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