Beat the Hangover Like a True Mexican

Have you ever had a night out, party and then when you wake up in the morning with the worst headache and thirst, you say to yourself never again? As you probably know Mexicans love to party, and oh boy we do it well. Some well-known ammo or staples include tequila, margaritas, mezcal and certainly mariachis.

But as all good things, there is always a cost, and after a night out with more than a fair share of tequila shots, you might end up having a miserable “cruda” or hangover. Good thing that there are certain Mexican recipes that can get you back on track, people know them by heart and rely on them t after a night out. While in most cities, restaurants and bars close sometime after 2 AM, in Mexico City you can drive and find many eating places where the peak hours start precisely after this time. These are some of the most popular dishes you might find in these restaurants:


The most common and popular dish for breakfast after a long evening. Chilaquiles are made up of fried tortilla pieces (please don’t think of using Doritos), green or red salsa, cream and cheese. It can also be accompanied with some black beans or even a fried egg on top if you are truly hungry. Urban myth says that the spicier the chilaquiles the more they cure the hangover because the spicy food makes you thirsty, which combats the dehydration since you tend to drink more. If you ever go to a Mexican wedding don’t be surprised when chilaquiles are served around 6 am to prevent a bad hangover the next day.


This drink is prepared with beer, salt, lime and tomato juice. Its important to add tomato juice since this has magnesium, potassium and some antioxidants that help eliminate toxins from your body. Micheladas are just the hangover cure for you.


Pozole from the nahuatl pozolli, is a classic in the western states of Guerrero and Michoacán in Mexico. This stew with corn and (beef or pork) meat has several variants depending on each state. You can find green, red and white pozole and still remains a popular hangover cure.


A labor intensive soup made out of beef tripe and a spicy broth. Menudo can have some variants depending on what part of Mexico you are located. In northern Mexico people add unground tortilla corn and in the northwest the dish is made without the red chiles and called menudo blanco.

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