Apple’s Latest News App Is Worrisome For The Journalists

Apple’s News app can algorithmically compile stories from the major media giants.

If you’re a journalist, this could be of great interest. Apple has come up with the latest news app which will compile all the top stories algorithmically thus, controlling the news distribution. This news has definitely taken the entire media world by storm.

The media agencies are mostly worried about the technology companies owning the network and news distribution system. Apple is already is associated with highly established publishing partners for latest app named as News (which includes CNN). Read more about the app here.

News on the News App is expected to be revolutionary for the consumer but a death knell for many.

In this regard, there is huge confusion and one can notice immense war of words from around the world. As per some media companies, it is really difficult to pace up with mammoths in the global arena. Facebook was already controlling on the news consumption and now with the arrival of Apple’s new app, things are going get tougher.

Apple's Latest News App Is Worrisome For The Journalists - Clapway

According to the technology experts, this news app going to be more like a personalized magazine owning a large variety of stories. The content is going to be very engaging as it will have equal amount of pictures, maps, audio and visual content. Made for iPhones and iPads, the app is way to reach out to more and more readers. The media outlets which will participate shall be the complete owners of the money they make from selling the ads that are attached to their news. Though, these participants may cede on the control over the news environment.

With the arrival of this app, the individual apps or news brands shall only serve as the source. From the perspective of consumer, this is something great as they have a lot of pure content to read and from strong sources. At the same time, publishers shall also be able to earn brownie points.

News readers will see various topics they are following and publisher channels.

Experts say that from the end of Apple, there are no more loyal to any one news provider rather several places delivering news. This is definitely a setback for many news and media companies. Let’s hope something better comes up for the journalists.

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