Next Generation of Apple Watch: Users’ Wishlist Fulfilled With New LG Display

Apple Watch 2 Super Charger: 5 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy Clapway

The age of Apple Watch is just 7 weeks, and people are getting crazy about the next generation of these wearables.

Apple’s and LG’s Exclusionary Contract

Apple Inc. and LG Display will continue their exclusionary contract with each other. Apple likes to deal with different suppliers to avoid assembling issues, yet it gives off an impression of staying with LG to produce the plastic-natural light transmitting diode (P-OLED) screens for the Next Generation Apple watch. It is the latest technology by LG which is being integrated in the Apple Watch. Though, this is not an official statement made by any of the company, it will be much exciting to see how Apple lovers will receive the much awaited Apple Watch.

According to the report by Cult of Mac, it is guaranteed that LG designers are chipping away at fusing the progressive P-OLED innovation in equipment like tablets, cell phones, TV, Laptops and so on.

When is the New Apple Watch Coming Out?

The newer version of Apple Watch i.e. Apple Watch 2 will launch in April 2016. There is a belief that second generation of Apple is always better that the first one. The newer version has not been launched yet, but still people are already thinking about the features that they want to see in the most awaited next-gen Apple Watch.

Apple is planning to make the Apple Watch significantly continuous by presenting two elements i.e. web integration autonomous of the iPhone and push-competent intricacies. Furthermore, they are also planning to make the watch more real-time and relevant.

What’s are its new features?

Many people might be wondering about the new features that will be included in Watch. Here is the list of 5 features that people want to see in the new Apple Watch. Here we go!:

Battery life — The more the better.
Camera — Everyone wants to follow the selfie trend.
Qi — Wireless charging capabilities. Carrying a charger is so mainstream.
Waterproofing — So that spilling won’t become spoiling.
Thinner Design — Sleek is in.

These were just a few features, wish list is quite long. If LG’s screen tech stays noticeable, with which a proceeded and elite deal of Apple would surely not hurt, we can hope to have a wide range of great, crazy and trendy technology coming our way. I hope the new Apple Watch meet all the requirements of people. Can’t wait anymore to see it! Think Different! Be you! That is why we love Apple, isn’t we?