1 New Text Alert: You Saved a Life

I have only ever been able to donate blood a handful of times. I’m borderline anemic so sometimes, my iron is just too low to give any. I even passed out once from donating when I was in high school because my iron was too low and they drew blood anyway. I think donating blood, plasma, or any other bodily organ to someone who needs it is really a heroic and selfless thing to do.

We may not all be Superman or some hero saving the world, but I think this definitely makes us heroes in our own right.

It’s something so simple that shows that though you are one person who donated maybe a small amount, even you saved a life today. I’m sure not everyone sees it that way, but it’s a selfless gesture none-the-less. We even get a little donor card that tells us how awesome we are and that we are on the donor list.

But have you ever wondered if and when your blood has actually been used?

It’s safe to assume it has, otherwise blood banks and blood drives wouldn’t exist. But wouldn’t you like to know? I think we all would. We’re only human and curiosity is natural. Could you imagine starting off your Monday, the worst day of the week as we all know, with a text alert letting you know you saved someone’s life the night before? Talk about a positive way to start your day. “Good morning, you saved a life.” That sounds like a much better pick-me-up than caffeine, and I’m the type of person that you’d have to pry the coffee mug from my cold, dead hands in the morning.

Sweden has decided to let their donors know how appreciated they are after donating blood.

Once the donation is complete, the donor will get a text message thanking them for contributing their blood. Once their blood is used, they will again receive a text message letting them know, “You saved a life.” The point is to express to people why donating is so important, and the Stockholm Blood Service want people to have feedback and know how big of a contribution their blood really is. They also hope that through their show of gratitude and appreciate that former donors will come back and donate again.

I think Sweden has the right idea on bringing awareness to the constant need for blood in blood banks. Even in our neck of the woods, the Red Cross is always promoting a blood drive and informing people as to why they should donate. There are tips all over the Internet telling you the best ways to stay healthy and prepare for donating. We may not be getting text messages, or any other form of gratitude, for donating just yet, but that definitely doesn’t mean donors aren’t appreciated. Just remember, when you donate, you have already saved a life.

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