New Amazon Review System Can Learn

In an attempt to show Amazon users more helpful reviews, the company has introduced a new in-house tool that is designed especially to handle customer feedback on products for sale on Amazon. This new machine learning platform has been built to make the reviews on the site more helpful to the visitors. The new system will also start gradually altering the star ratings and top reviews on the product pages. Amazon users will also see the newer reviews more often.

New system set to make reviews more relevant to users

This new review system will give more weight to the reviews from Amazon purchasers and those that more customers vote up as ones that are helpful. It will also place more emphasis on certain customer’s reviews. More weight will be given to the newer reviews. Also, reviews rated as useful by other customers and reviews submitted by verified Amazon purchasers will be taken into consideration more. Amazon’s new system will also work towards removing false reviews and providing customers with honest and helpful ones that reflect on others’ product experience.

Amazon’s new rating system should provide better-weighed ratings

Amazon’s new intelligence system will be able to give ratings priority depending on a few factors, thus creating a more meaningful average. A product’s zero-to-five-star rating used to be a pure average of all of the reviews, but will now become weighted using the same criteria.

New platform will show users tweaks and updates to products

The new system will make note of the changes that a company makes to tweak or update its products, making them more noticeable to new customers. It will also show any updates the company makes to products in response to complaints. This new system will offer a new refreshed rating and review system that will make the overall customer consensus of the products clearer. The new system will aim to make genuine and helpful reviews more prominent, and will turn the star rating into a more representative measure of general customer feelings towards any product.

Amazon’s new system is currently only available in the United States, and there has been no update on whether or not it will become available in other countries. This trial is very important due to the fact that the accuracy of reviews depends on it.



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