Musio Finds Its Way into Our Homes, and Our Hearts

When IOS users first let Siri into their lives, they fell in love. Siri was a breakthrough in audio communicative interface for mobile devices, but she lacked something very important in her design: She could never really be your friend.

As much as the user pesters Siri with questions, or tries to converse with her, Siri shies away from difficult conversations and has difficulty maintaining any sort of natural-feeling speech. However, a new robot has arrived that promises to provide all the warm hearted feelings that Siri lacks. Musio promises to be able to maintain more fluid conversation, while also assisting you with your day to day tasks.

Musio Finds Its Way into Our Homes, and Our Hearts - Clapway
The campaign to put a Musio in every home

With 14 days still left to go, the Indiegogo campaign to fund the creation of Musio has already reached 147% of its goal, raising over 74,000 dollars in the process. People are now flocking to pick up the robot that will help answer their emails and control things like the air conditioning in their homes.

Musio is for everyone, on any budget

The starting bracket for donations is 99 dollars, which gets you a Musio “Simple Brain”. 300 dollars puts a Musio “Smart Brain” in your home, and 550 dollars gets you the Musio “Genius”. Depending on which brain you opt for, Musio has certain functions it can perform; however, all of them have the ability to learn and adapt to their user’s needs. The largest jump in quality between robots is from the Musio “Simple Brain” to the “Smart Brain.” The “Simple Brain” is capable of remembering only 5 conversations, while the “Smart Brain” has developmental technology that allows for more natural conversations with the adorable artificial intelligence.

When considering the “Smart Brain” as opposed to the “Genius”, it’s all about computing power, and memory. The “Smart brain” has a 1.2 GHz processor and only 16 GB of memory, whereas the “Genius” has a 2.5 GHz processor and 64 GB of memory space.

The video introduction on the Musio website demonstrates the adaptive ability that Musio has, showcasing how useful it can be on a daily basis -whether Musio assists you in remembering events on a calendar, or with spelling words when you’re writing at home.

The Musio project may just be in the beginning phases of funding, but those who meet Musio won’t just see a robot, they will see their new best friend.