DING Bike Lights: See And Be Seen

Many communities are now taking the initiative and scaling down their means of transportation as an attempt to help the environment. A number of those people who prefer alternate travel to gas-guzzling vehicles have opted for bicycles. My community, specifically, is known for its bicycle population, but doesn’t seem to be constantly aware of it. There are blind spots in your car and sometimes, you just aren’t able to see, especially at night. As a result, a high percentage of bike accidents occur from cars turning into cyclists. This means typical bike lights aren’t calling drawing attention to them or lighting the area enough. Enter DING Bike Lights.

DING Bike Lights Campaign

DING Bike Lights are a new concept in transportation illumination that will provide riders with a safer experience riding at night. With its duel beam technology, these lights are designed to illuminate the path in front of the rider and also directly under the rider at the same time. Luckily for users, this gadget is not some giant light-box you’ll have to carry on your bike; it’s a small palm-sized contraption that you can simply connect to the front of your bike. It is compact and made of lightweight material.

The front beam, shining at 400 Lumens, is designed to shine at an angle to reduce the glare. The downward facing beam, shining at 150 Lumens, is a rectangle-shaped floodlight that is 3 meters wide by 1.5 meters deep. It can show riders what is below them, as well as to the side of them. The high-quality battery is also very long lasting, only needing to be replaced once every few years. And because everybody likes their belongings to be personalized these days, they come in 4 different colors.

DING Bike Lights - Clapway

Support Bike Safety, Support DING Bike Lights

With only 3 days left in their campaign, DING Bike Lights are now available for $70 and will give you years of light to safely guide you on your journey. They will outlast your current bike lights and give you better guidance and visibility to not only help you see at night, but to also help you be seen at night.

Check out their campaign and make an investment in your safety today.


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