Pavlok Wearable Technology Will Shock Away Cravings


Midnight snack cravings keeping you from reaching you dream beach body before summer time? Thankfully the latest wearable technology the “Pavlok”, will not only keep you from succumbing to food cravings but will also help you to eradicate other bad habits as well. Through real-time Pavlok Pavlovian conditioning from small electric surges emitted by the band, your bad habits will be non-existent in no time.

The power of the Pavlok

Concerned consumers may be hesitant to purchase a device that delivers an electric shock several times throughout the day, whether it is helping them to kick a bad habit or not, but the Pavlok team describes the safe nature of the type of shock the user will be receiving, “The circuit is complete on your skin, and the voltage / amperage is not enough to hurt you. It is a very noticeable shock — like a static shock like when you walk with your socks on a rug and then touch a metal doorknob.”


The shock serves more as a reminder that you set to out to cease whatever bad habit it is that you are about to partake in than a punishment meant to harm someone to keep them from performing an action. Additionally operators can adjust the intensity of the shocks inside of the application for Android and IOS operating systems. Each charge of the Pavlok will deliver around 200 shocks. Pavlok also has the ability to reward users with vibrations and beeps rather than electric shocks for things that they’ve done well, and negative actions they may have avoided. Programming for the band allows users to connect their phones, and completely customize their routine for quitting or avoiding just about anything.

Pavlok, The fitness band utility tool

Of course, a Pavlok is exceptionally useful in terms of helping curb junk food cravings, but actual user testimony shows the many uses for the wearable tech that will stop you in your tracks before you have the chance to indulge.

Pavlok’s Indiegogo campaign set out to raise only $50,000 initially but has now raised nearly $280,000 in funding. Pavlok is expected to ship to customers who participated in the Indiegogo as early as this month.