SwageU Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Change The Way You Listen

Sometimes, the little inconveniences in life do not seem too significant until you come across a solution to them. After doing so, it’s extremely hard to go back to how you were before. Take, for example, the problem of tangled headphones. Realistically speaking, it takes about 30 seconds (at most) to remedy the situation. But once you’ve tried on wireless, Bluetooth headphones, tangled earbuds suddenly become the biggest nuisance. If you’re a music lover or just someone who uses headphones to avoid social interaction, SwageU Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Rokit Boost will quickly become your new best friend.

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SwageU Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Enhance the Listening Experience

Recently, I was able to try out the SwageU Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and now, I cannot leave my house without them. Due to its clever design, which features a titanium alloy memory flex neck strap, the headphones sit comfortably around your neck. In fact, they are so lightweight and unobtrusive that I frequently forget I have them on. The magnetized headphone ends also add a nice touch and ensure that the buds stay connected to the main body of the device.

Swage U 2

But what about sound? SwageU doesn’t disappoint in this domain either. The quality is very clear when listening to music and also when answering calls. I had no trouble speaking with people on the phone, even as I was actively biking.

Generally, I am not particularly fond of headphones that have rubber earbud covers, but the ones that come with SwageU (three different sizes) are extremely thin; they are very comfortable and drastically help to enhance the overall listening experience.

Due to the hands-free nature of the device, the SwageU Wireless Bluetooth headset is also the perfect accessory for taking calls when driving or while on public transportation. It can connect with two mobile devices at the same time and has a wireless range of up to 10 meters. As such, it’s easy to switch from listening to the music on your mp3 player to answering calls – all with the push of a button. All the other functionalities, including the volume controls and the play/pause, forward and backward buttons are all displayed on the front of the headset, making it easy to use and carry around: not too shabby for $59.99.