Can’t Afford a Vacation? Then the Atmoph Window Shall Bring The Beach to You

Jealousy is never a nice feeling, but when you are constantly reminded of your friends’ and families’ exotic vacations on social media while you’re stuck at home glancing out at the rain soaked path, it can be very hard not to unleash that inner green-eyed fury. Although I can’t offer you a free plane ticket so that you too can go away, what I can do is tell you about one of the best gadgets found on Kickstarter Funding at the moment, the Atmoph Window. It will be sure to optimize your spirits and make it feel like you, too, are sitting on a tropical beach, albeit while on your sofa rather than a pile of sand. Some may call that a bonus.

What Is It?

The Atmoph Window is an exciting new concept that is hoping to come to life with the help of support from Kickstarter Funding. Three traveling engineers from Kyoto, Japan are behind this inventive idea, which 353 backers have pledged $161,459 to help bring this product to life.

Designed by Atmoph, The Atmoph Window is a digital window that enables you to see breathtaking videos and views of nature and cities from across the world, anywhere in your room. With sounds and beautiful imagery emerging through a portable window, this is one of the best gadgets to bring in a relaxed and calm feeling to your home.

How Does It Work?

Controlled through any Android, iPhone or Apple Watch, the service lets you play pre-installed videos as well as downloading new ones online. What’s even better is that you can also upload your own and spend the evening going on a trip down memory lane. Using a smart scheduling function, you can even set the window to play different videos throughout the day.

Live Streaming

If this isn’t considered one of the best gadgets simply by taking you to an exotic location and helping you relax, there is also the option of live streaming. Who doesn’t like to people watch? From watching people walking through the city of London, to a flock of sheep on the acres of a New Zealand farm, there is something to satisfy your curiosity at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

Professional Photography

This gadget will not disappoint in the quality department. All videos provided on the Atmoph Window are filmed with 4 K professional cameras and high quality microphones to give you the most realistic and authentic scenes.

The Atmoph Window campaign will end on June 30th with the aim of being distributed and shipped by March 2016, costing from $699. This is certainly one of the best gadgets for your home, and I wish Atmoph the best of luck in their final days on Kickstarter.


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