Facebook Messenger App 86’ing Needing Facebook Account as Requirement

It is no secret, especially to Facebook and Facebook Messenger App users, that the latter app was only accessible for use as long as the person had an account, with the former.

Well, the good news is that this no longer applies. Starting today, the Facebook Messenger App no longer requires users to have a Facebook account in order to gain access.

Why the change in making Facebook Messenger App a standalone?

With the Facebook Messenger App becoming the go-to for touching bases, as opposed to e-mail and phone alongside WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook is attempting to up the ante by giving full access to everyone. This includes individuals who either are not familiar with Facebook, are not interested in signing up for Facebook, or deactivated their account. These circumstances may be at play for a wide range of people, but now it should not stop them from enjoying the messaging app as well. Vice president of Facebook’s messaging products’ David Marcus states regarding the ever-expansive opportunities and benefits, “We all have examples of people in our lives who are not on Facebook but would want to have the Messenger experience. It’s really important that we can serve those people and enable them to try out Messenger for themselves.” Marcus wants to make sure that everyone, Facebook user or not, gets a chance to have the Facebook Messenger experience, as well as benefit from it.

Facebook’s gain in making the Facebook Messenger App separate

By granting everyone access to the Facebook Messenger App, it will become even less restrictive, resulting in Facebook as a social media platform benefitting even more in terms of popularity and revenue. Right now, Facebook Messenger App is competing with other messaging app contenders who also want to reign within that market. As of now, nothing else is planned when it comes to Facebook’s next step in one-upping their competition. However, that does not mean that something else isn’t in store on their end. The Facebook Messenger App is thriving and then some independently, possibly even before the separation. Reports say that, “It’s now 700 million strong, neck-in-neck with WhatsApp, which Facebook bought for $22 billion in 2014.”


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