Why Watching The Northern Lights Would Be Perfect For A First Date

On Sunday, a G4 geomagnetic storm occurred; giving way to the Northern Lights. The spectacular colors could be seen across Northern Europe and North America. The Northern Lights are continuing to shine bright and are making their way through the country. From Colorado, to Pennsylvania, to Michigan, the Aurora Borealis is giving people a beautiful view. The Northern Lights are so mesmerizing and brilliant that they would make the perfect first date experience. Here are the reasons why:

Geek Out

You can show off your brain a little during your date. You can talk about everything you know about the Northern Lights. Maybe your date will know a little something as well and you two will find something you have in common. Being a geek is no longer a thing we tend to stray away from. Embrace and employ your intelligence. When you talk nerdy to your date, I’m sure he/she will swoon.

The Story

When you tell your kids and your grandchildren about the first date you had with you wife, it will be a story they will pass on for generations. When you tell your friends about the date you just had with the hottest chick, they will listen. And when you tell your mom about your first date ever, she will applaud you. People don’t just stumble upon the Northern Lights. It will be an experience you will cherish and a story you can’t wait to tell.

The View

Yes, the Northern Lights are gorgeous but the view you will like even more is the moment you see your date smile in amazement. It will take your breath away and feel you with butterflies. It will last for a few seconds but it will feel like forever. I’m not saying it’s love, but it’s something.

Instagram It

If your date sucks, you can take a great picture of the Northern Lights. Make sure you ask your date to get you and the Northern Lights from different angles. You win some, you lose some.

There you have it folks. Gazing at the Northern Lights for a first date would be an awesome event. Make that first date special!


Great first date ideas? Love is in the Filmin air even after your Northern Lights date: