Free T-Mobile Phone Upgrade Anytime with New Jump on Demand Plan

This Sunday, June 28th, T-Mobile will release their new plan, ‘Jump on Demand,’ where individuals can trade whatever phone they want in, for a maximum of three times a year. This T-Mobile phone upgrade is free, as if the phone is being leased, unless the person is interested in officially buying the phone.

‘Jump’ vs. ‘Jump on Demand’ as a proper T-Mobile phone upgrade

T-Mobile may already have a plan of a slightly similar name. However, there are still some vast differences between the two, when it comes to providing a proper T-Mobile phone upgrade. Payment for the former, whether trading the phone or eventually buying it, is one of them. According to recent reports, “T-Mobile has a similar ‘Jump’ plan, but it requires an additional $10 a month for the option to trade in your phone every six months. The new plan ditches the $10 a month fee and the six-month wait time.” With ‘Jump’ requiring additional payments just for leasing the phone alone, ‘Jump on Demand’ plans to solve that problem even though both of these plans happen to be involved in the same company.

The ‘Jump on Demand’ plan as a T-Mobile phone upgrade

T-Mobile’s ‘Jump on Demand’ plan is meant to be a way for individuals who wish to stay updated on the latest phones to remain satisfied without putting much of a dent in their wallet. Researchers and companies on this matter suggest that T-Mobile is trying to cater to the 47% of the public that wishes their carrier would let them upgrade phones more often. According to the company, the average person keeps his or her phone for 20 months. ‘Jump’ customers already beat that with 14 months. With the ‘Jump on Demand’ plan, this will most likely bring the time down due to individuals not having commitment to something that they may reject later on in a few months. Furthermore, with a new plan come competitors who will either be attempting to do the same, or have already tried and failed.

How will Jump on Demand as a T-Mobile phone upgrade fare alongside the competition?

Recent reports stated that carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have initially sold off several of their plans similar to T-Mobile’s ‘Jump on Demand’ plan. However, they were eventually revealed to be strict two-year contracts. Therefore, these three carriers’ marketing strategies was more or less to deceive. Will T-Mobile’s new plan prove to be satisfactory or another two-year contract-in-disguise?



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