Users Battle iPhone Blue Screen of Death

Like With the Computer, Users Unfortunately Battle iPhone Blue Screen of Death

Pretty much everyone who is at least somewhat familiar with computers and technology understands the sheer frustration and fury that comes once their laptop screen gets hit with the blue screen of death.

Does that also apply to phones? Well, it is a device containing a hard drive, so definitely! Currently, hundreds of people are reporting their T-Mobile phones are suffering from a bad case of iPhone blue screen of death.

Blue screen of death not just applying to computers and laptops anymore

It can be safe to say that the case of ‘blue screen death’ is no longer happening to computers. Sadly, that is not the case as it is now going widespread towards phone. Right now, only T-Mobile iPhones are being reported as the only ones dealing with this headache-inducing scenario, being iPhone blue screen.
According to one distressed customer on Reddit, even though they had their iPhone for a short period of time of approximately four months, it had already started to restart on its own several times. Not only was this happening incessantly to this distressed customer, but also to their partner. In addition, this was also happening to dozens of other disgruntled customers who are currently being inconvenienced, all because of the iPhone blue screen of death.

How the wretched iPhone blue screen is not a first and how to deal with it

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time iPhones, especially from T-Mobile, have faced the insufferable blue screen of death. Because of this, there are many ways to fix the issue. In reality, though, they are temporary fixes. Reports say that if customers are having this issue with their iPhones, then they can either feel free to do a hard reset by “simultaneously holding down the home and lock keys and waiting for the phone to restart,” while others said that disabling Wi-Fi calling for a couple of minutes does the trick. Eventually, if all else fails unfortunately and it is time to wave the white flag, either continuing to call T-mobile support or getting a replacement phone will be the best way out.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile has yet to comment on the issue of blue screen with their iPhones.



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