Rearranged ‘Food Order’ for Those on a Type 2 Diabetes Diet

When it comes to being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, restrictions immediately begin to follow. The most evident of the restrictions have to do with eating, to the point where it has been stated by experts that most foods are to be avoided, as opposed to being consumed in moderation. Fortunately, a recent study featuring people on a Type 2 Diabetes diet shows that avoiding foods is highly unnecessary, just as long as they are eaten in a specific order.

Significance of Type 2 Diabetes diet on glucose and insulin levels

Not only is the Type 2 Diabetes diet significant to individuals suffering from the disease, but it also applies to those suffering from obesity as well. The main food groups these diseases tend to focus on are protein, fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates. In previous years, two groups that were considered to have a significant negative impact on glucose and insulin levels were fruits and carbohydrates. This is due to both of these food groups raising blood sugar at highly drastic, potentially dangerous, levels. According to researchers of studying the matter, “Carbohydrates [and fruits] raise blood sugar, but if you tell someone not to eat them -or to drastically cut back- it’s hard for them to comply.” Following this statement is the breakdown of the recent study of the Type 2 Diabetes diet itself.

A new study further breaking down the typical type 2 diabetes diet

Featuring 11 participants, the study had them eat two different sequences of Type 2 Diabetes diet meals, one for each week. In the first week, the participants ate carbohydrates and fruit juice first. A few minutes later, it was followed by vegetables, fat, and protein. During the second week, vegetables, fat, and protein were eaten first followed by carbohydrates a few minutes after. While the participants were eating in two different orders for the next few weeks, their glucose levels were taken. There were many findings and, a new phenomenon was revealed.

A potential new food order for the Type 2 Diabetes diet

Researchers found that when the participants were eating carbohydrates first and vegetables afterwards, glucose levels proved to be a lot higher than when they were consuming vegetables and protein beforehand. Although more research and studies need to be conducted in order to fully confirm this new finding, it is safe to say that this new food order of eating veggies and protein before carbs is a good bet for Diabetes Type 2 patients.


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