Samsung Is Accused of Blocking Windows Updates

Samsung, one of the largest technology companies, has been accused of disabling rival Microsoft’s Windows updates in order to further its own software.


Microsoft is pointing the finger at Samsung, but Samsung denies all wrongdoing. Patrick Barker of Microsoft spoke to the press, saying that when he was helping a user solve a technical problem, he discovered the Samsung software being downloaded. The software was runnin a file called ‘Disable_Windowsupdate.exe’. He claimed that a few products manufactured by Samsung were affected by the running of this file.


Samsung insists that they weren’t blocking any Windows updates, and that they were simply giving customers the choice of whether or not to use Microsoft’s famous Windows software. Regardless of who made the wrong move, this action has left tons of computers poorly secured. In a statement, Samsung said that they were not blocking the Microsoft operating system, Windows 8.1, from updating on their computers. The company claimed that in their commitment to customer satisfaction, they are offering their users the option to choose when and if they want to get any Windows updates files on their devices.
Once Barker heard Samsung’s response, he said that he never directly implied that it specifically blocked the Windows 8.1 system update, but that Samsung’s SW Update software prevented Windows from automatically installing Windows updates. He also said that this forced the user to have to set it to choosing whether or not to install. He says that this makes it harder for people to use their products as they were intended to be used.


Microsoft does not recommend disabling or altering the Windows updates settings that are offered on Samsung devices. They say that this would potentially leave the users of Samsung phones vulnerable to an attack or other security risks that are out there. Despite this back and forth bickering between the two technology giants, they are in contact with each other to properly address this issue in the interest of consumers.



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