Tumblr Unveils Tumblr TV Exclusively for GIF-Watching

Be on the lookout, internet users!

Tumblr has just unveiled Tumblr TV, which will be filled with nothing but GIFs, GIFs, GIFs, meant for either the utterly curious or complete time wasters.

How exactly does Tumblr TV work if featuring only GIFs?

Tumblr TV is available for access by everyone, whether they have a Tumblr account or not. At the moment, it is only accessible on desktops, but rumors are that the company is working on trying to make Tumblr TV work on mobile devices as well. According to reports, the new feature will work in full-screen mode and also offer “player controls like play, pause, forward, and backward.” The popular and well-known graphics will be playing in a loop either once or several times, before a different one plays. These GIFs will be coming from various Tumblr users, and those viewing the new feature can also search for them and even repost onto their accounts.

Tumblr’s motives and main purpose in releasing Tumblr TV

Tumblr’s main purpose in releasing this new feature, Tumblr TV, is to continue to capitalize and take full advantage of the growing popularity of GIFs and internet users either creating, reposting, or generally being obsessed with them. The company informs us that Tumblr TV is part of a long-term effort to expand access to one of Tumblr’s most popular features, the animated GIF. Realistically speaking, this feature may be unique, but it can also be seen as nothing more than a bunch of random, repetitive GIFs to goad at. Buy hey, it is the year 2015 in the age of information, social media, and oversharing after all, so there are always new GIFs being made by an obscene amount of people.

Hooray for the curious and for those who appear to have too much time on their hands to waste

Social media, and Tumblr specifically, has made it their mission to find ways for internet users to do something with their time, whether that’s seen as wasteful or not. Sure, social media helps with bringing together lost connections and friends, as well as significant others, even from far away. With Tumblr TV set to become a popular new feature, just how much social bonding will there be if there is nothing but aimless gawking at the computer screen?



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