Top 10 Apps Every Car Owner Should Have


The Top 10 Apps Every Car Owner Should Have

Owning a car is a decision filled with responsibility, more so than one might imagine at first. Especially if the car you own is your very first car. To help out car owners and travelers alike, Neil Tohill, Director of Southside Motor Factors, has compiled a list of FREE apps every car owner should have. These apps help owners keep their car in check and their eyes on the road. His list is made up of everything you never thought of but should have. From tuning your engine to picking the perfect jams for your road trip, Tohill has you covered!

1. Scout – iOS and Android

Scout is a GPS app that gives you real-time traffic updates while guiding you to your destination using the most efficient route possible. It also suggests the best time for you to leave your destination based on estimated drive time. This is definitely an app every car owner should have!

2. iOnRoad – iOS and Android

This app uses your phone’s camera and sensors to recognize and warn you of potential accidents up ahead. All you have to do is mount your phone and the app will begin monitoring for you. It also has car-optimized interface so you are able to see your speed and the weather conditions. Don’t worry — you’ll definitely still be able to access your music and contacts!

3. Find My Car – iOS Only

I’m sure this is an app we could all really use. I hate leaving Central Market with all my groceries and realizing I can’t remember where I parked. This app is exactly for that. By using GPS, this app can help you find your car so you never have to wander the parking lot again!

4. Torque – Android Only

This app is a car performance diagnostic tool that communicates with your engine via Bluetooth. My car actually has something like this built in, but I have to sign up online and pay a fee (of course) so it’s so convenient that this app is available and free.

5. iWrecked – iOS Only

Let’s face it. Sometimes accidents happen. This app is perfect for logging all the information you need when an accident happens to you. You can make direct calls from this app to your insurance provider, record photos and details, and export all the information into a PDF. Your photo count is unlimited and the PDF generated is professional and can be sent directly to your provider as well.

6. Vlingo – iOS and Android

This is another app every car owner should have and would definitely benefit from. This amazing app was created to minimize distractions while driving. It allows you to dictate text messages, make a call, check Facebook or Twitter, and search the web for business information or driving directions. It even has a profanity filter in case someone on the road cuts you off while you are speaking!

7. Fuel Log – Android Only

This app gives you a detailed account of your fuel consumption, mileage, and services. It calculates useful statistics from fuel mileage to maintenance expenses and reminds you when you need to have it checked out. It’s a great app to help you remind you to change your oil and get your car inspected.

8. Dashboard – iOS and Android

This app has a simple widget that shows your speed, altitude of travel and direction. It has a head-up display so you can set it down on your dashboard or console and it will project that information on the windscreen.

9. NavFree – iOS and Android

This guy is a “crowd powered” navigation app. It matches other navigation apps with turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance. It’s also great for walking directions and can store maps directly on your phone, so no need to constantly use your data connection.

10. TuneIn Radio – iOS and Android

By far the most important app every car owner should have, this one lets you listen to more than 50,000 radio stations from around the world. You can browse by location, music genre, or language. The pro version allows you to pause or rewind a station and lets you set one for your morning alarm if you prefer to wake up to music!

These apps are all great tools for you to use on your road trips or even just commuting to work. We definitely advise getting them set up and ready to go before leaving, or while stopped to fill up your tank. We all know you shouldn’t be using them while driving!