Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI the User-Friendly Picture Frame

Canadian company Toboggan has just launched a Kickstarter campaign promoting FLIXI, a product that allows framing and hanging a photo, in less than a minute, without any tools or holes in the wall.

Usually the products originating from technology and design merging together are impressive. This is no exception. FLIXI has all the characteristics to make our lives easier.

Re-imagining the traditional photo frame

Let’s be honest. Framing and hanging photos starts as an exciting task but slowly turns into a tedious and stressful one for most people. Either the frame is not straight or your landlord asks you to pay hundreds of dollars from your pocket because the wall is now full of holes.

A group of Montreal industrial designers and avid photographers came up with a solution: making framing photos “just as simple, spontaneous and stylish as posting to your virtual wall”.

Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI the User-Friendly Picture Frame - Clapway

You don’t need any tools

Unlike conventional picture frames that use nails and hooks, FLIXI attaches to the wall with a double-sided tape and can be easily removed without leaving residues on the wall. No holes, no damage.

We all know how challenging it can be to place a single picture using traditional frames. For some paranormal reasons most of the time the picture frame doesn’t look straight. That “often goes beyond the limit of our patience,” according to Toboggan’s founders, Laurent and Kurt.

So imagine perfectly leveling and aligning a series of pictures to form a gallery of frames without any guesswork. With FLIXI you can. The product has an anchor and built-in level incorporated into the frame as well as a WallSnap system preventing the adhesive from sticking to the wall until it’s in the right spot and level.

Furthermore, FLIXI is flexible, easy to insert and remove; it’s stable and solid unlike the thin glass of conventional frames, thus making it completely safe even to have an army of kids running around your house.

Fully committed to local manufacturing, this group of designers made sure that FLIXI also works as a tabletop frame, and that it comes in 8 colours.

Use an app to preview your future wall

The company created a web application that helps users preview their future wall. You can upload pictures and build your own gallery wall.
Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI the User-Friendly Picture Frame

Over the past 16 years, this group of Canadian designers has been creating playful and mindful interactive experiences and objects, such as the award-winning Xenith football helmet and Capsul Case, for many the best minimalist wallet in the world.

For more information about FLIXI check out their Facebook page, Twitter account and Kickstarter campaign.

Photo Enthusiasts! Meet FLIXI the User-Friendly Picture Frame - Clapway


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