Snapchat Tap to View Feature Added

Changing What We Know About Snapchat

If you’ve had Snapchat for a long time, you know what you’re getting at this point. If your friend sends you a snap or you want to view someone’s story, you hold your finger down and you watch the whole thing. That’s just how it’s always been! What once seemed like a strange inconvenience – you need to hold down for the entire time? – became, if not a comfort, just a thing you do. You got used to it. But Snapchat realized that even if you were used to it, it could be better. Snapchat has announced that with its newest update, holding down to view has been done away with, and replaced by Snapchat’s tap to view feature.

Get Used To More Convenience- Snapchat Tap to view

As said earlier, holding down your thumb to view a snap had become one of Snapchat’s defining qualities. Your thumb slips, you stop seeing the picture or video. And if your friend had a 5 minute story for you to watch? That meant one sore thumb, and one annoying friend. The Snapchat Tap to View Feature is designed to undo one of the first things you associate with Snapchat, a move that would be confusing if they weren’t eliminating such an objectively unnecessary issue. Still, a new post on Snapchat’s blog anticipates that if you’ve been an avid Snapchat user for some time, there’s a good chance this will take some getting used to. But ultimately, they know the Snapchat Tap To View a good thing that’s bound to go over well, happily claiming to do away with tired thumbs.

Other Updates

With Snapchat’s Tap to View Feature being the marquee update, it could be easy for other updates to get lost in the shuffle. Snapchat has also added a tool called Add Nearby, which allows you to quickly add friends in your nearby area. They’ve also upgraded Snapcodes, even allowing you to include a selfie in the code. Still, the Snapchat Tap to View Feature remains the most essential to these updates, being the most frequently utilized feature.


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