Windows 10 Has a Release Date, but Only for Some People

A Limited Release Date

Windows 10 has been in the works for some time now. And with the reservations for it starting up in early June, Microsoft users have been clamoring for a release date for about a month now. Today, they finally got to learn of when Windows 10 is going to be released, but it comes with a huge caveat. Windows 10 will officially have its release on July 29th. However, there’s a very good chance that you will not be getting it on that day. That’s because the only people that Windows 10 will be available to on July 29th are those who qualify as Windows Insiders. So even if you’ve reserved a copy, there’s no guarantee that it will get you it on the 29th. If you’re one of the 5 million Windows Insiders, congratulations! If, like the majority, you aren’t, then you’re going to be waiting a little while longer.

How Much Longer Will Non-Insiders Have To Wait?

We don’t know. Actually, nobody knows – not even Microsoft. The closest thing to an answer given was that Windows 10 would be released to the public in waves. So there is definitely a rollout of Windows 10 in the works. It’s just a matter of when or if they can roll it out. If anything, it’s fairly similar to their response to when Windows 10 will be available on other devices, such as Xbox One; nothing official, just the knowledge that it will at some point happen in the future this year.

Why Are They Releasing It In Waves?

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive Vice Presicent of the OS division, wrote the blog post announcing the release date and subsequent rollout. According to Myerson, the plan is to, once Windows 10 is being used by Windows Insiders, “listen, learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users.” So it seems the reason Microsoft is doing this unusual Windows 10 release is so they can continue to update the OS before it makes its way to over one billion Microsoft devices, allowing for as good a Windows 10 version as they can get. In effect, the Windows Insiders that have already been beta testing Windows 10 will continue to test it once they get an official release of it. If anything, you the non-Windows Insider are getting a better version of it in the end. Congratulations!


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