BMW Unveils Latest in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Car Project

BMW, the luxury car manufacturer, is leading the charge to innovate with some of their latest vehicles being tested. Car companies have been testing automobiles powered with hydrogen fuel cells for many years, but now it seems as though BMW has created the model that will be available to consumers in the not so distant future.

How exactly a hydrogen fuel cell powers a car

hydrogen fuel works by combusting hydrogen or generating chemical reactions with the element to power an engine. As of today powering vehicles using hydrogen can be very costly, but manufacturers are working towards solutions which would make them more affordable. Thus moving hydrogen powered cars from an alternative to fossil fuels, into an era of exclusively electric vehicles for consumers.

Importance of hydrogen

In a mission statement on the BMW official website they mention the importance of the hydrogen fuel cell projects, “In short term, the use of certain bio and synthetic fuels can contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. However, the gaps in the supply of fossil fuels will become larger in the future and these alternatives cannot fill them in the long term.” Hydrogen is a renewable resource, allowing car manufacturers to move away from fuel sources that are creating emissions which are harmful to the planet, and towards a greener future for the auto industry altogether. BMW is not the first to experiment with the idea of the hydrogen fuel cell. In fact, in 2015, the Toyota Mirai went to market, and became the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to be sold to consumers. Hydrogen fuel cells have an untapped potential, which if applied, could change the way we move every day. Some practical applications include the hydrogen bus which is undergoing a trial phase, and could be ready for use as soon as 2015. In order to emphasize the real importance of hydrogen fuel cells, BMW iterates the sentiment of wanting to seek greener technology: “In the long term, only hydrogen fuel, won from renewable resources such as sun, wind, water and biomass, can proved a reduction in total CO2 emissions and meet our energy needs in a sustainable way.” Environmental benefits of hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles can’t be overestimated, and BMW is a forerunner in the effort to change the way we look at fuel forever.


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