ROTO: Helping You on Your Fitness Journey

Taking care of your body is important. Exercising, eating right, monitoring your alcohol intake as well as sugar; these things matter in keeping yourself healthy. However, any fitness nut can tell you that you sometimes need a little extra help. Protein shakes are a lifesaver for competitors and people who take their routine seriously, although often times you get clumps of the powdery substance in your drink from it not being mixed very well. ROTO can fix that problem!

What Is ROTO and How Does It Work?


ROTO is a lightweight mixer with an electric motor that will perfectly mix your shakes and keep them mixed with no clumping or gathering at the bottom. With simply the push of a button, you only have to wait mere seconds to get the perfectly smooth shake.

ROTO: Helping You on Your Fitness Journey - Clapway

ROTO holds up to 680 ML (23 ounces) and is rechargeable by USB. The bottle weights around .43 lbs. and is BPA-Free. It’s the perfect way to get a flawless shake. It’s ergonomic shape gives you the perfect grip when you’re on the run, and it’s leak proof base gives you one less thing to worry about when storing it in your gym bag!

ROTO’s creative team is based out of the Netherlands and had the first inklings of this idea in August 2014. They have spent their time since then researching and designing the perfect model for this innovative shaker.

Their campaign begins this year on July 23rd so be sure to watch for them on Kickstarter! You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see their progress and show your support.ROTO: Helping You on Your Fitness Journey - Clapway

Protein shakes can be a vital part of the muscle defining process. They give your body extra protein, nutrients and vitamins your body needs to create the muscle tone and definition that you are striving so hard to achieve when you lift those weights. Thanks to ROTO, you won’t have to worry about that gritty feeling between your teeth when you discover powder that hasn’t been properly mixed. Let ROTO be your shake saver!


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