New Heart Failure Pill Entresto Approved by FDA

Helping to Prevent Heart Failure

Many diseases or health complications are tough to deal with, but a healthy heart is essential to any human being’s long-term survival. That is why yesterday, the FDA approved a new pill called Entresto from Norvartis for treating heart failure. The announcement of the approval was released by both the FDA and Novartis yesterday, showing both parties’ eagerness in helping to reduce the threat of heart failure and the often ensuing death from heart complications.

A brief overview of heart failure

For those unfamiliar with heart failure and its history, heart complications happen when the heart is not pumping blood as well as it should, and there are not enough nutrients and oxygen reaching parts of your body. According to the CDC, every year in the U.S. alone, citizens die of heart disease complications often- every 1 in 4 deaths. In the news release by the FDA, the number of people stated to be affected by heart failure is a whopping 5.1 million people in the U.S. There is no cure for this complication, but you can live with it. This is where our drug, Entresto, comes into play.

What is Entresto?

Entresto is said to be a neprilysin inhibitor and angiotensin II receptor blocker that will help to reduce of the risk of dying from heart failure, and also allow for fewer trips to the hospital. The pills are to be taken twice a day along with other heart failure meds you may be prescribed, but it is advised against taking the drug when you have had Angiodema. It is also advised not to take Entresto if you start suffering from this allergic reaction while taking the drug, because breathing becomes difficult as a result.
But this is not the only side effect of taking Entresto; there are other complications that arise when taking the pill. Some of the side effects include hypertension, kidney problems, etc.

Good Intentions from Entresto

The reduction rate of death and hospitalization when using the drug is around twenty percent. With the approval of the new medication, the 5.1 million afflicted with heart failure, as reported by the FDA, now have hope of living better as a result. Now that it is approved in the U.S., the drug is now being reviewed in other countries for approval. Then, subsequent distribution is expected to follow after approval.


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