Rumors of a BlackBerry Android Phone Gain Steam

BlackBerry Heating Up Rumors

BlackBerry has been trying to force its way back into cell phone buzz for some time now. Once a major player in the phone game, the strides made by Android and Apple (and Windows, to an extent) have made the BlackBerry more of a relic. But they’re looking to break out again the way they did back in the 2000s, and rumors have been swirling that Android is to be a part of that, with a BlackBerry Android smartphone appearing sometime in the future. Everything remains rumors for now, but BlackBerry doesn’t seem to be doing anything to dissuade tech enthusiasts from dreaming, especially of late. BlackBerry recently purchased two domain names that have done nothing but fuel the fire that a BlackBerry Android is in the works.

Domain Names Seem Directly Related to Android

What’s a way for BlackBerry to continue fueling rumors of a deal with Android by buying domain names? If you said putting the word Android in the domain name, you probably read ahead. Yes, what better way for you to wonder when a BlackBerry Android is coming than to learn that BlackBerry bought two domain names, and Tech fans immediately flocked to tech blogs, and now many more than ever believe that a BlackBerry Android is coming, that BlackBerry has a deal with the company that makes the most widely used phone operating system around the world. Even more interesting, this is happening in the same week that BlackBerry announced that they intend to roll out a number of Android models, leading people to wonder about a potential new BlackBerry Android. But perhaps the evidence you can point to above all other evidence is from John Chen, BlackBerry’s chief executive. Twice in the past three weeks, Chen has specifically said he’d only build a new Android phone if he could “secure Android.” Android secured, you say?

BlackBerry Downplaying The Domains

BlackBerry doesn’t want you reading too much into this, even though that’s exactly what you’re doing. This is no guarantee of a BlackBerry Android. They insist that this is just a part of what they do, saying in an email that they’re just “registering domain names to support the breadth of our cross-platform portfolio.” And does redirect simply to an enterprise-focused BlackBerry site. Still, it’s hard not to speculate when there are so many clues seemingly floating out there.


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