Clones: 4 Creative Benefits of Being One of Many

New research published in Cell Reports, an online journal, says that scientist are getting closer to cloning mammoths — or at least mammoth-like clones. Scientists studied the DNA of prehistoric woolly mammoths to see how they were able to survive under below freezing temperatures. The biological change in mammoths was necessary for them to adapt to such extreme cold. Then, scientist compared the genome sequence of woolly mammoths and Asian elephants. They predicted genetic variants’ functions of genomes found in only mammoths and then tried to prove the functions in their gene by recreating it. Comparing the two animals and figuring out how mammoths were able to sustain themselves for so long, will help scientist inch closer to cloning the extinct woolly mammoth.

Mammoths are cool clones, but what if we could clone humans? What if you, yourself, was a clone? Here are four benefits of being a clone:

1. You CAN be at Two Places at Once

You know that saying, you can’t be in two places at once, you can now that you’re a clone. Let’s assume that you and your clones have a telepathic connection and can share knowledge and emotional experiences with one another, you can accomplish so much. Instead of double majoring in college, you can quadruple major in college. You can run errands and clean up the house. You can even go on multiple dates at the same time. You will never say that there are not enough hours in the day.

2. Closer Than Siblings

People say blood is thicker than water. But DNA definitely triumphs over blood. Your connection to your clones would be stronger than any relationship with your brothers or sisters.

3. Get Away With Murder

Murder may be a little extreme but you could definitely get away with a crime. Your DNA is all over the crime scene, who cares? You are not the only one with that exact genetic sequence. They have you on video camera, that’s okay. You are not the only one with that face. Getting away with a crime just got a little easier.

4. Test New Looks

You want to try out a new haircut or style but afraid of what it might look like. Test it out on your clone. It turns out that maybe blonde isn’t your color, good thing you had your clone there before you made a horrible mistake.

Being a clone ranks over seeing a cloned mammoth. What would you do if you were a clone?


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