The Ainol Mini PC Lets You Create Your Own Computer

As the world quickly becomes more interconnected, technology also evolves to fit our everyday needs. Desktop PCs, for instance, might eventually become obsolete, as smaller, more powerful gadgets enter the market, beginning with the laptop. Now, there’s even a solution for those who want to work on a large desktop monitor, without having to lug one around. This is where a mini PC comes into play. By connecting the portable gadget into the back of am existing television or monitor, it is possible to create your very own PC.

Because a mini PC uses small, low-power components, it is super portable and takes up much less space than a traditional laptop or desktop. And since they come without an operating system, users can essentially build their own “computer” or media center to cater to their specific preferences.

Introducing The Ainol Mini PC Host Computer

The Ainol Mini PC, made of aluminum alloy, is one of the smallest and lightest host computers in the world, weighing only 485g and measuring 146 x 115 x 14mm in size. The built-in 7000mAh battery also allows the device to work for over 10 hours (standby for 40 hours), making it one of the most efficient mini PCs now available on the market.

The Ainol Mini PC Lets You Create Your Own Computer - Clapway

It is also multi-functional, combining “the stability of PC in the office, the mobility of a notebook and the portability of a tablet” into one device to help users with their day-to-day tasks. The Ainol mini PC, for example, can be used as a portable power bank to charge your mobile devices. It can also serve as a smart streaming media player with Windows 8.1. By plugging the device (using HDMI cable) into a TV, a user’s television monitor will essentially become a “smart TV.”

Furthermore, the fanless nanometer graphite cooling system, the most advanced cooling technology at the moment, ensures that the mini PC can function optimally without the noise that users might traditionally hear from overused desktop PCs or laptops. All these features combined are what make the Ainol mini PC one of the most versatile devices to help the modern day tech guru stay connected wherever he or she may be.

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