Apple to Introduce New iPods on Tuesday

According to the French website, whose track record’s in good standing, Apple will be announcing a whole new iPod lineup on Tuesday, July 14th. Just when many of us believed that iPods would no longer be getting any updates, Apple brings in a whole new update for Apple Mp3 player fans.

More iphones, less ipods

Apple to Introduce New iPods on Tuesday - Clapway

It was observed that since the company announced their new Apple Music streaming service last month, the website lost its “iPod” section, therefore leading many to think the music player was not bound to be updated anymore.

With an ever increasing sale of iPhones, less and less people reply on music-only players such as the iPod, therefore it would be understandable why Apple would decide to kill one of the biggest products in its history.

However, according to the rumours, new iPods are on their way pretty soon and will include significant updates — especially for the iPod Touch.

New Colours

Earlier this month, iPods in new unseen colours were spotted on iTunes version 12.2, including a new gold or beige colour for the Nano, a brighter pink for the Shuffle and a darker blue for the Touch. Also, a few eagle-eyed users noticed that the pictures of the devices included the Calendar app dated on July 14, which adds to the information on when these new products are set to be announced.

Apple to Introduce New iPods on Tuesday - Clapway

A Super-fast iPod Touch

The most significant update will be featured on the Touch, Apple’s most selling iPod. It is believed that the company will release its “fastest ever iPod Touch”, which will include a 64-bit processor instead of the current 32-bit. Also, according to rumours the device’s camera will be updated and so will the 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte storage.

Also, now that the streaming service “Apple Music” has been launched, some believe it’s the perfect moment for the company to introduce music-related products.

However, no Apple official event has been planned for Tuesday yet, leaving people wondering whether the rumours are true or fake. Nevertheless, sooner or later these new products will be announced, especially considering that the current iPod Touch has not gone through significant changes since 2012.


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