Reopening Expected After Rhode Island Beach Explosion

On late Saturday morning, part of Rhode Island was closed after a strange incident happened in Narragansett’s Salty Brine Beach.

Fortunately, even if officials don’t seem to know the exact motive for the blast, there appears to be no reason to keep the beach closed for the public, since there is no risk for people’s safety.

What Triggered the Mysterious Rhode Island Beach Explosion?

According to the investigators, the mysterious Rhode Island Beach explosion happened below the high-tide line on the shore. It appears that some ground disturbance was reported, as well as fissures created from an eruption from the ground.

In addition to that, people who were on the beach during the moments of the Rhode Island beach explosion stated that they recalled having smelled sulphur and butane, or some other sort of chemical smell.

Even thought there was performed an investigation and samples were taken from the spot, there was no explanation for the mysterious explosion.

Reopening Expected After Rhode Island Beach Explosion - Clapway

A Woman Was Injured

As stated above, the investigations didn’t find any reason to believe Rhode Island could become an unsafe place for people, but the incident had a victim. Unfortunately, a woman sitting nearby was blown over by the blast. The good news is that the woman was conscious and able to have a discussion with investigators, at the South County Hospital, where she was taken.

What Could Have Been the Reason for the Mysterious Rhode Island Beach Explosion?

Until this moment, officials don’t know the exact reason that caused this mysterious incident, knocking a Rhode Island beachgoer to the ground.

According to some declarations, the problem could be related to a natural phenomenon since there was no indication of a device or malicious intent. However, the incident is still under further investigation, local authorities being assisted by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

When will the Beach Be Reopened?

In the meantime, there seems to be no reason for the beach to remain closed since after investigations, its been considered to be a safe place for all beach lovers. In accordance with the declaration given by the State Department of Environmental Management Director, the beach is expected to be reopened today, Sunday 12th of July.