Prenatal Blood Tests Find Cancer in Moms-to-Be

In the past decade, cancer became one of the most dangerous diseases, being part of the leading causes of death. There is no doubt that just hearing the word “cancer” scares all people, no matter their age.

This disease can appear in different parts of the body, for a variety of reasons. What happens is that abnormal cells divide without any control, invading other tissues of the body. Afterwards, it spreads to the whole body through blood and lymph system.

Cancer can affect both men and women. According to specialists, people who have family members diagnosed with cancer are more prone to have the disease, as well.

Prevent Cancer Through a Healthy Lifestyle

However, even if there is cancer history in a family, the disease can be prevented through periodic screening and, of course by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Also, there are some vaccines available, which are meant to prevent cancer.

Recently, a new discovery regarding cancer has been made. It seems that cancer can be spotted in moms-to-be through the prenatal blood tests that they have to take.

Early Cancer Can Be Detected through Prenatal Blood Tests

These tests are created to help the pregnant women find out if there is any fetal distress or abnormal developments such as Down syndrome. This way, any chromosomal disorders, or other problems found can be prevented. In addition to this information, it seems that prenatal blood tests can now help determine if a pregnant woman is suffering from cancer.

According to a study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, non-invasive prenatal blood tests are now able to discover the existence of cancer in pregnant women, even before these mothers are aware of any symptoms or get tested.

Cancer Spotted Without Having Symptoms

According to the authors of the study, the principle behind it is that “liquid biopsy” can detect cancer, even at its earliest stage. This can only mean that cancer can be spotted even without any of the usual symptoms.

This research was conducted with the help of more than 100,000 women, who were tested and analyzed over a period of more than three years.


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